About Us

P & L Rogers Pty Ltd mushroom farm is located at 329 Bains Road, Woodcroft,SA.

The farm was purchased in 1992 by Geoff Izard, owner of Merbein Mushrooms Pty Ltd, and operated under the company name of Izard Investments Pty. Ltd.

In April 2006 Phil and Linda Rogers (Geoff's Son-in-Law and Daughter) took over the Adelaide farm while Geoff continues to run the Merbein operation.

The substrate (Phase III compost) required for growing mushrooms is produced at the Merbein site and trucked over to Woodcroft on a weekly basis, maintaining the Merbein family connection.

A team of approximately 85 people at P & L Rogers are responsible for the growing, picking and packing of around 35 tonne of white Agaricus mushrooms each week which are then distributed to wholesale markets across Australia.

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