mushroom compost

Mushroom compost is environmentally friendly. It is organic, recycles waste and saves water.

Want to save water?

Find out how to save water with mushroom compost without chemicals or expensive equipment.

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Medical Benefits

Researchers are now determining if the common mushroom can protect against breast and prostate cancer, while giving the immune system a boost.

Superior Hygiene

You can be confident our mushrooms have been grown in a meticulously hygenic facility and that they've been harvested and graded under rigorously monitored conditions.

Top Varieties

As we focus on two top varieties, Whites and Swiss Browns, we are able to ensure superior taste and succulence of buttons, cups and flats.
Superior Quality Mushrooms.

mushroomsP & L Rogers Pty Ltd mushrooms are grown and harvested in strictly controlled environments which provide the perfect conditions. These are then quickly packaged and shipped to supermarkets and restaurants ready to be enjoyed.

Our clients often comment how beautiful and tasty our mushrooms are, and are surprised at how fresh they are and how long they last.

We are very proud of our farm, and hope you will enjoy our mushrooms - we believe the product speaks for itself.

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